Take1ne is a rising artist from Miami, Florida. Born in September of 94 to Haitian parents, Take1ne grew up listening to a wide variety of music from artist like 2pac, Outkast and Eminem to RNB artists like Tyrese. After being kicked out at 17 for getting in trouble, he moved to Miami where he lived with his aunt and started networking with local artists. Motivated and fueled by his upbringing, Take1ne decided to use his experiences to motivate and relate to the youth with a sound that’s very trendy in today’s music culture. This can be proven with the release of the official video behind “One Hundred”

“This is my first music video from an unreleased project. the lead single titled “One Hundred”. The song is a motivational track about the struggles and hardships I overcame. It’s a track to motivate people to get up and go, the message is clear and relatable.”

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