Vashy shatters the concept behind “Mumble Rap”, spitting intricate lyrics with a dumb-downed chorus all over a Fil Jackson production.

Defining Vashy’s rap style is a challenge in itself. It’s far from mumble rap, but impossible to bill as conscious. His intricate word play fuses politics, geography, and basketball references into a deconstructed frenzy of puns. Vashy’s upgraded Alternative Rap is complimented with the rattling trap meets old school production style of Fil Jackson. “For The Aliens” is Vashy’s debut album, and Fil’s sophmore on “Bedroomer”. They were inspired by MF Doom’s comic book style mysterious masked persona backstory. Doom is also an obvious influence on Vashy’s pun and reference frenzy lyrical style.

Vashy currently lives in exile after being banished from his native Iran. He was caught using ancient Persian technology to communicate with distant civilizations. Now on the run from Interpol, he roams Canada and lives a solitary life in hiding, always concealing his face with a mask when in public. Using the artform of rap combined with the English, he retains the poetic wisdom passed onto him by these ancient aliens.