Zel Monstrous returns once again with yet another speaker banger entitled “Piggy Bank” off the project “Deeper Than Rap.” Proving his voice and skill is worth being heard. Directed by Staten Island’s own Ezru, the 21 year old Brooklyn native discusses his upbringing as a kid growing up in Crown Heights, witnessing his mother’s alcohol and drug abuse, and lack of money for years which inspired him to start writing his own music in order to avoid the same rough lifestyle.

Thoughout the song Zel quotes, “I remember nights when I ain’t have no food to scrape, been through so much drama like tay-k I did the race.”

Also hinting at his decision on joining the military even though he was never a fan of Uncle Sam … but needed the money to invest in his music. Regardless of the Mc’s message which may sound sad at first … the visual still gives off that “good feel” type of vibe. And with his brothers tagging along teasing the camera with their effortless moves… they make sure to grab your attention from beginning to end.