Hailing from the Boulevard houses in the East New York section of Brooklyn Big East is an artist who always pays homage to his passion for lyricism. Early on he allowed his gift to became an outlet which has enabled him to escape the tough times  that others have succumb to. Inspired by the rise of others who called notorious neighborhoods home (Jada Kiss, Jay-Z and the late Biggie Smalls) Big East has used their climb as an example of what hard work produces.

Getting started in the very backyard of his stomping grounds, he has made a name for himself performing during old timers day as well as for family and friends’ various functions providing entertainment and hope. Add that to local night clubs, showcases, gymnasiums, and it is apparent that Big East has left no stage untouched. As his presence and brand has grown over the years Big East has landed himself on the radar of some serious playmakers and is now considered one of the hottest acts in Brooklyn.  To know Big East is to relate to real life situations and an uncanny way of placing these stories to a beat in a fun manner. Absolutely true to himself, Big East is an artist who will be productive and sought after for years to come.  Check out one of his latest works, Influential below: