Born Kendrell Eugene Griffin, MLT KgMusiQ is a Greenwood, SC representative at the helm of R34L Major League Trapper Entertainment. A performing artist in multiple genres, KG MusiQ has released popular singles in both Hip Hop and R&B / soul over the last decade. A leader in his church choir, KG MusiQ has never wanted to do anything less than entertainer true lovers of quality music.


“From a kid on up, that has always been in my heart. Music heals. It touches a place in all of our bodies that nothing else can. That is what really drives me.”

– KgMusiQ


His list of collaborations include BillyBustHead, Bando Brothers, Kenny Bates, Slick Ruler, DJ TONY Pot, and DJ Tune.  Not shy about expressing his expectations of himself, KG MusiQ is quick to let anyone asking that, “My ultimate goal is to sell 100 million copies of ever mixtape or Album or Ep I drop.” Why not push yourself to be great? That is exactly what he has planned for his forthcoming release, Facing Devils 2.

KG 2


By studying successful acts, or the business in general, KG MusiQ is diligent in his efforts to expand. Dedicated, determined, calculated, and organized. KG MusiQ is on the rise.