Move over Usher there is a new cat on the RnB block. He has been promoting a return for a while but the EDC Every Dolla Counts member has made good on his promise to provide quality work and a classic RnB vibe that has been missing for many years. The Queens native released today a 5 track EP that has the women swooning over his melodic voice and smooth lyrics. The project depicting his feelings to the love of his life is an anthem for love everywhere. From ensuring females they are loved the way that they are to how he will love women till the sun goes down Michael Bostic is no stranger to the craft and he is ready to show everyone what he is made of.

The 5 track EP is not heavy set with features but the features that are on the project compliment the smooth 90’s RnB feel, his track with Jemyle Jones is embodiment of my statement. The two compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly.  In the track You Got Me the synergy is like Baby Face and LL Cool J , telling the love of their lives that no matter what happens You Got Me.  Or favorite track off the EP is bedroom, it gives you that classic and sexy RNB feel that makes you want to just find your lover, or special friend and just stay in bed making that sweet love that everyone loves to enjoy.



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