Realizing his potential since his days at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Bakersfield, CA during his childhood TJ Marion has stood firm on his goal of reaching a wide array of individuals in all cultures. Although his background rooted is in gospel, TJ has not let that limit his approach and cast of a wide net. Upon graduating from State University, Bakersfield TJ began to plan on how to capitalize on the buzz he had developed on campus as the go to guy for features.


“I was a double major in Theatre and Political Science as well as the one you came to for a hit on campus. How’s that for multi-tasking.”


Hitting the ground running, TJ would release a slew of music online, eventually hooking up with Ty Fyffe and Fokis of Loyalty Digital. The release of A Walk through Myspace Volume 2 would be one result as he would become known for his melodies, rhythmic flows, and unforgettable choruses. Soon thereafter TJ would join bi-coastal group Local-MU12 where he would be afforded the opportunity to collaborate with legends such as Sadat X and MC Eiht. After the release of their debut album TJ left the group and has gone on to release three mixtapes performing throughout the state of California and Nevada.