Born November 23, 1980 in Charleston, SC Shana Gourdine is a product of the Big City of Cross, SC. The daughter of Viola Gourdine and John H. Simmons, she was drawn to poetry at the age of 12.   Took I have been writing poetry since age of 12 years old. A graduate of Cross High school, Shana went on to obtain her B.A. in Sociology from Morris College before dabbling in culinary arts receiving a certificate of accreditation Spring 2016, in Central New York (Troy) where she moved in 2003.


Shana Gourdine professional career accolades include Center for Disability Service where she held the title of Assistant Manager before answering her highest calling of motherhood. Now the proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters whom have become her greatest motivation, this past February saw the release of novel “The Mask behind the Mask.” Adding author to her other attribute of advocate, Shana is also an accomplished actor starring in the popular play “Secret.”

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 “My inspiration to write this book was to inspire and motivate people to put the mask down and love all their imperfections; you’re scars, your hurt, and pain. This book is to let people know that you don’t have to put a mask on just to be a better you. I encourage people to take the mask off and be.”

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