True Pax

Recording and performing professionally under the stage name True Pax, this South Side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn native is making his way in a calculated manner through New York City’s indie scene. His sights on writing his way onto the list of the Big Apple’s dopest acts, the Remember the Dreamers movement representative has galvanized crowd with his moniker, True Pax speaking more true facts.


Considering music more than a hobby for the past year, True Pax considers himself a student of the art of reality rap – that which provides a deep message through the craft of story telling in song form; heavy on bars, of course. What started as dropping verses on classic beats emulating the finesse of legendary lyricists has turned into a consistent series of releases. In his own words:


“I been doing this for about a year now. I like being versatile though. I can give you a deep message through a story telling song, or bars on a classic beat, give you some street shit, or even something to just bump to you know as if you were in the club.”


Coordinating the release of his forthcoming single, Amazing Savings, True Pax has done himself the favor of touring (opening for Casanova and Elijah The Boy) his hometown to raise the awareness of not only his music but his brand and passion for the elements of his beloved genre- Hip Hop.


“Behind the scenes I am working on a mixtape titled Scripted.  On it I am talking about my process of composing lyrics and opening up about periods in my life as well as how they connect to some of the things we see in society today.”


From his Blue Snowball microphone, download of audacity to potential which has caught people’s eye, True Pax is proud of where he is today but far from complacent.


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