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Hip Hop Affair Fivio Foreign and Shameeka Rosario | @FivioForeign @rosarioshameeka @TMZ @vladtv @WORLDSTAR @HollywoodLife @MediaTakeoutTV



Hip Hop Affair Fivio Foreign and Shameeka Rosario. Hip Hop is a culture built on music, sex, drugs, violence, sacrifice, dedicaion, perservence, blood, sweat, tears and most of all love. With the recent loss of Pop Smoke gone far too soon with so much untapped potential and musical talent left to be seen and heard. With that NYC has been looking for their next big superstar and with fame moving Fivio Foreign into the spotlight. The road to stardom and fame for the New York City Hip Hop artists Fivio Foreign born Maxie Lee Ryles III who is signed to legendary rapper, songwriter and minister Mason Durell Betha aka Mase and his RichFish Records & Columbia Records label imprint fame and fortune didn’t come easy. Ryles started rapping under the name Lite Fivio in 2011. In 2013, he changed his name to Fivio Foreign and formed a music collective with his friends under the name 800 Foreign Side. Ryles faced more struggles with the passing of his mother in 2018, Ryles’ mother died from a stroke. In June 2019, he rose to fame with his single “Big Drip”, which received a remix with American rappers Lil Baby and Quavo. The song was featured on his 2019 EPs Pain and Love and 800 B.C. In November, he signed a one million dollar record deal with Columbia Records, in conjunction with American rapper Mase’s record label RichFish Records. In May 2020, Ryles earned his first two Billboard-charting singles, with features on “Demons” by Drake and “Zoo York” by Lil Tjay. The same month, Ryles launched the non-profit organization Foreignside Foundation, “geared towards providing beneficial resources and programs for at-risk youth, the homeless, current & former gang-affiliated individuals, incarcerated individuals”. On August 11, 2020, he was included on XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class. With so much going on it looks like love has found the hip hop superstar. Hip Hop Affairs aren’t uncommon; does it look like Fivio Foreign and Shameeka Rosario are an item? With so much going on it’s always good to have a ride or die. Let’s see what’s next for NYC hip hop artists Fivio Foreign entertainment industry future.

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Who Are Dr. EnQi & Dame Dash Exposing (Video News)



dame enqi.001

Never before has a video been this gripping and exciting to watch or listen to. The Conscious community has been exposed over and over again as scammers and hustlers.


In the video below Dr. EnQi shows how black lives really don’t matter to these snakes. Brother Panic says “wanting to do something for your people will stop you from reaching Heaven or a Successful Death”. Dame Dash exposes the fact that Bro. Rich idolizes drug dealers and killers, he is pretending to be conscious to funnel “conscious community money” into living the life of a pseudo drug dealer/rapper. Dame allowed Rich to hang himself with his own lust, by highlighting that disrespecting women and pouring champagne on “hoes” looks fun.


Bobby Hemmit who is Brother Panic’s teacher was a known sociopath who was selling black people angel checks and telling people not to invest in their health holistically or participate in the Western modalities. He is quoted as telling people that aliens can rescue them from cancer and cola can save them from heart attacks.


Dr. EnQi shows Brother Panic literally stealing his “IP” in hopes of stealing his audience for profit and the poisoning of the black conscious community. Bro. Panic is stating in plain English that creating black businesses or wanting to improve the lives of “your people” will damn you to hell. This is clearly the work of “the other side”, especially while Brother Panic solicits donations and support for his “black business” in the name of teaching “his” people. Isn’t he dooming himself to hell?


Many people have claimed that people were swagger jacking, biting, or stealing their swag but never before has someone literally been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Dr. EnQi literally shows the pages of his book that Panic is stealing from. A concubine of Brother Panic’s said in the chat that Enqi is a liar and a hater, she said Brother Panic identifies the authors which were blown out the water when Enqi shows that even the authors he is claiming are just being read from his book!

Tune in below.

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Meet Lillie “#BrownMermaid” Mae (News)




Lillie Mae, coined as #BrownMermaid in the media, radio, and entertainment realm serves as a beacon for those who long to be heard.

“#BrownMermaid is self-explanatory because I’ve evolved from the bottom of the sea. I represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits, and ferocious independence. There’s no better place for that than the entertainment industry.”

Through creative expression, media & broadcasting, Lillie Mae’s mermaid instincts motivate and inspire people to love, cherish, and believe in themselves. With three different platforms, she ensures nothing but a vessel to shine and onward success.


It’s Consulting Time (Tuesdays at 7 PM EST) and Primetime with #SENOJ (Saturdays at 12 PM EST) features interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, a variety of artists, and other global influences. These platforms serve to support and enhance the art and works of all Creatives, while honoring their contributions to the community, and paying homage to those who have come before us.

All Things Authentic (Thursdays at 7 PM EST) is an audio-visual podcast featuring 21st-century trending topics and conversations about real-life happenings. This show was inspired by Sunday Dinners, in which, Lillie Mae’s family would host family and friends after church for a traditional Sunday Dinner with dialogue and dining.


“#BrownMermaid cannot and will not be contained. To find out more about the #BrownMermaid, tune in”

To inquire about being featured on one of Lilie Mae’s platforms please connect below.

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