Flyboii Dada really understand what it means to stay true to the culture of hip hop. His new mixtape “Stuck In The Stu” is super fire. Anybody listening will feel his pain and respect his drive for wanting to make it big. This rap star refuses to settle for a job, although his moms tried motivating him to go down that path. Flyboii Dada was blessed with a gift to have different motion pictures running through his mental. Driving the hottest whips, making six figures, traveling the world, being the best rapper alive, and putting his fam / city  on the map, is something he always wanted to see come true. Everyday he works hard as an entrepreneur to make it become real.

After listening to Flyboii Dada new mixtape I can say, my favorite songs off the tape are “Famous This Year”, “We Straight”, “Time For It 2″ Son Or Daughter” and “Run Up A Check”. I was definitely able to relate to his goals about wanting to escape living in the rat race. There is no peace living in poverty,  so if your a hustler with big dreams, this mixtape is for you. Check it out asap!!!