Hit My Line
Clinton Sparks is riding high following an astonishing Summer of fresh deals and hot, new mixes on his newly formed Clinton Sparks Radio. Getting back into crafting his own music, Clinton returns with a single to close out 2017 titled Hit My Line.
Joined by South Carolina crooner Joey Bandz, Sparks allows the upcoming R&B sensation to serenade the ladies as he reassures his love that he will always hold her down. As the track continues, Sparks reveals his romantic, sensitive side; exposing his lady to the real and eliminating all doubts about their relationship. Bringing that smooth party vibe that will have everyone running to the dance floor, Sparks’ new record is a head turner and banger in any atmosphere.
Hit My Line is the first Bandz and Sparks collaboration since their 2016 song Saturday Night. Leaving new found fans wanting more results from the two’s magnetic, hit-making chemistry, Sparks set the stage for what listeners can expect next from his evolving brand.

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