Since his release from prison in 2014, Ricky Bats is undeniably one of the hardest working artists in the city of New York.  Fresh off of a long stretch he came home and got right to work. He’s done collaborations with Maino, Uncle Murda, Cortez, Innocent? and plenty of other artists. He’s released several projects including his latest entitled BATS Project. He played a small role in The Award Winning Ben Stiller Directed, Showtime Series Escape At Dannemora and he’s just getting started. His latest video for “Lay Low” was just picked up by BET Jams. We got the chance to chop it up with the Bronx native. Check out the interview below.

Ok, Ricky Bats from the South Bronx, I see you’ve been working and making noise in the hip hop industry. You just recently dropped a project called “BATS Project,” what was your thought process when you were putting it together?

Yes, I just dropped the BATS Project. Basically, I felt there were previous songs I released on other albums or mixtapes that didn’t get enough shine on them so I added new records for the existing fans to rock out to and put them all on one project

So kinda like a ‘Best of BATS’ with unreleased music as well. Dope! And I see you got some clean visuals too! Congratulations on your video “Lay Low” being featured on BET Jams! That’s a major accomplishment! So, what does the B.A.T.S stand for?

Yeah man, I feel blessed to have my video featured on a major platform such as BET Jams! Shout out to my guy Inph, he directed the video. That video was shot in Pittsfield, Mass. One of my favorite videos I’ve done. And (B.A.T.S,) stands for Born A True Spitter, which is an acronym to my name and I felt it was only right to name the project as such.

You’re not only a rapper, but you also got a little acting under your belt too. I saw your appearance in the hit Showtime series “Escape At Dannemora” directed by Ben Stiller, starring Patricia Arquette, Benicio del Toro, and Paul Dano. How was that experience?

Yes, I am a man of multi-talents. That was a crazy experience for me to be working with some of the greats in Hollywood. But it got too realistic for me
as the months went on.

How long did you film for? And why was it too realistic for you?

I filmed for 3 months. Got up at 5:30 in the morning and it would wrap at 7:30 pm almost daily. The series is based on a prison worker who helps two inmates escape from prison. I played an inmate. And I’ve spent some time incarcerated, so being in that environment kind of gave me flashbacks to those dark days, but just knowing I could leave at any time was good enough for me to see it through.

Ok, I see. Are you getting into more acting or was that a one-hitter quitter?

Haha Nah, that’s the start to a new chapter in my career. Acting is so universal and nondiscriminatory to age. In hip hop, I feel once you reach a certain age, it’s time to do something else other than rap. Whether it’s running your own record label signing artists or doing some acting, you know what I mean, something else within the industry.

Gotcha! Gotta have a game plan and an end game. So, BATS 2018 was a great year for you. What do you predict for 2019 and what other projects do you have coming?

Well, I don’t know what to predict. All I know is if I continue working then good things will come from that. It’s a routine that hasn’t failed me yet. My next project after the B.A.T.S Project is “Visions Of A Prospect” which is slated to drop this spring.

What type of album is “Vision Of Prospect”?

It’s a personal one. My fans will get to know about me a lot more.

Nice I can’t wait! I’m a big fan of your music and I already know you will have bangers on there! You haven’t disappointed me yet! Any shout outs you wanna give before wrapping up? And where can the people find your music?

You can find my music on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, GooglePlay, Itunes, Deezer, & much more.
I wanna shout out my squad Gotham City Boys and my label Gotham CityMusic Group. I also wanna shout you out my brother KB Tindal. I appreciate you for having me. Always been real!


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