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In the early hours of today, Sean Dampte premiered the video for ‘No Be Joke’.

When Sean Dampte’s most anticipated EP ’The Awoodah Begins’ disappeared from all digital stores a few days after it’s initial release date, fans and critics alike tended to agree that the team got this wrong. And with no reasons coming from Sean Dampte’s camp, many felt left out.

However, not one to stay out of the spotlight for long, Sean Dampte drops the first video off the EP titled ‘No Be Joke’ to mark the return of The Awoodah Begins EP to all digital and online stores/platforms

No be Joke’ is the 1st video to be released off Sean Dampte’s debut EP ‘The Awoodah Begins’

The video was shot in locations around London, UK and directed by renowned Video Director Doyin Ajakaye aka Simplicity for DMA Studios.

Song was produced by Joey Benks and mastered by DXL da Beat for Savage Music Inc. #Swerrrdmedia

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