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Savannah’s Clay James is starring in new film ‘It’s A Cold Azz World’ alongside Webbie and Elijah Lamar



Savannah hip hop artist Clay James is no stranger to the limelight. He’s been making waves in the Atlanta and Savannah underground music scenes for quite some time. Most people became familiar with Clay James once he received the co-sign of fellow Savannah native Big Boi 1/2 of the legendary duo ‘Outkast’. Others became familiar with James once he inked his first record deal with Snoop
Dogg’s ‘Doggy Style South Records’ imprint. Or most recently the successful launch of his own label ‘Playas Club Music Group’ which is the home to Big Smitty, King Elway, Young Bo, Charlise J, Pimpin Pablo, and Pimp Sweet Tooth. Whether you’ve heard of Clay James or not he’s definitely a name, face, and brand that you should make yourself familiar with. Recently, Clay began to venture off into Hollywood and try his hand at acting. Sometime last year he scored his first role as Tommy in ‘Out On A Lim’ alongside veteran actors Tray Chaney and Jamal Gravy Woolard. The film was written and directed by Okirike and ‘Reel Rebel Films’. This year he landed the role of Crisco in ‘Its A Cold Azz World’ alongside Webbie and Elijah Lamar. This cast is loaded with a slew of upcoming talent that you should get to know: Sean Mac, Pimp Sweet Tooth, Pimpin Pablo, Topaz Gold, Tiara Amoura, and Hazel 2K all play vital roles in this movie. The film is currently still in production in Atlanta and being shot and directed by ‘Drop And Roll Films’. It’s script was written by music industry veteran Tony Snow. If you’re familiar with any of Tony’s previous work then you already know you’re in for a treat. Be on the lookout for ‘Its A Cold Azz World’ and the soundtrack releasing later this year. For all things Webbie including updates about the movie, make sure you follow his management @Supa_Unit on all social media. Also make sure you check out Webbie’s son Tre Savage new single ‘Styrofoam’ available on all digital streaming platforms.

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D.L. Skinner Talks Relocating To Los Angeles To Pursue Dreams As An Actor In Hollywood




D.L. Skinner


Rising actor and creative D.L. Skinner is putting his entertainment endeavors to the forefront of his life. After leaving the military, and relocating his life to Los Angeles, he joined the Lee Strasberg School of Film & Theatre  jump starting his career in acting. I had the pleasure of speaking to him for a brief discussion about his journey as a rising actor in Hollywood. Check it out below.

Who is D.L. Skinner?

D.L.: D.L. is a man from Dallas Texas who has always had a love for film and theater. After serving my country in Afghanistan during the OEF 11-13 campaign it became clear I needed to pursue my true dreams of acting. Now I am a husband who’s love for art is manifested in acting, and photography.

How did you get your start in the entertainment business?

D.L.: I have been acting since I was the age of seven in church plays and singing recitals. From this, my thirst for performing grew into a passion for art.

What inspired you to embark on a career as an actor, producer, and writer?

D.L.: What truly inspired me was seeing my wife pursue her dream of nursing, and her encouragement for me to do the same. She knew I had been acting in school plays and auditioned a few times as a teenager, and felt I was holding myself back.

How has the Lee Strasberg School of Acting helped you get closer to your dreams ?

D.L.: Well that is a very loaded question. But deep down inside I can honestly say my time at Strasberg helped me discover myself through different methods of exploration. The instructors encouraged and stoked my curiosity. You would think during my one year conservatory I would have learned how to be other people, but really I learned how to be the best version of myself.

Since relocating to Los Angeles from the Bay Area, what has been your biggest challenge and most rewarding thing for you?

D.L.: My biggest challenge has been starting over in a new town where no one knows me. The most rewarding thing has also been gaining publicity in a town where no one knows me. When they have seen me work, or just interact with me at various events, I have been seen, respected, and admonished for what I bring to the acting community.

How do you balance home, & work life?

D.L.: I do my best to be intentional about spending time with family by making trips, putting dates on the calendar, and holding myself accountable. I show up not allowing the hustle and bustle of being developmentally talented in L.A. keep me from being present in my loved ones lives.

What makes you different as an actor than the next guy who may be going out for similar roles as you?

D.L.: What makes me different is my ability to not take myself seriously. I take my character development, the projects, and everyone else involved very seriously, but not myself. This keeps me nimble and open to all ideas which allows me to not get caught up in expressing any character I may portray in a static way, but having a more variable portrayal.

Who are some actors/actresses that you look up to?

D.L.: Denzel Washington for his presence on and off the screen is definitely who I look up to. He has uplifted so many actors in the community, most notably to me, Chadwick Boseman. Angela Bassett for her commanding and inspiring portrayals that have yet to earn her an Oscar!

Having recently signed to an agency, what is up next for D.L. Skinner?

D.L.: I’m hoping with new materials in hand, that my agent will be able to better pitch me to the casting directors. I’m excited to see how the next few months unfold as I am working hard to land some concrete acting roles in television and film.

Follow D.L. Skinner on social media @dlskinner to see his rise to stardom.

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Eddie Cee-Vo Releases Hot New “Da Weekend” Single Featuring Torry WordSSmith



Eddie Cee-Vo & Torry WordSSmith

Chicago’s Very Own Eddie Cee-Vo returns to the music scene with the highly anticipated “Da Weekend” single and music video. Featuring fellow Chicago emcee Torry WordSSmith, this release serves as Eddie Cee-Vo’s first major release of the year. Produced by B-Ware and Rudy Clay Jr., this release is a breath of fresh air making it an immediate summer anthem. Infusing his Midwest influence over original, ear popping lyrics, easily makes this Cee-Vo most prolific release to date. He does an amazing job of showcasing his raw storytelling abilities in a sonically pleasing manner that allows listeners all over the world to indulge and relate to “Da Weekend”.

Inspired by a true event that happened in Cee-Vo’s life, he decided that putting his pain, and frustration into song was the best way to heal from the situation. In 2021 Cee-Vo worked as a supply manager for a nursing facility in Chicago. When his then boss took a new position, a nursing consultant was promoted, starting the beginning of his problems. As soon as she found out he was friends with a nurse she didn’t like, she demoted him back to a CNA and started harassing him. After several complaints and rude treatment, Cee-Vo grew frustrated. As a result, his brother advised him to write out his frustration, leading to the creation of  “F**k My Boss”.

Fast forward to 2024, Eddie Cee-Vo was going through his shoe box full of songs, and came across fuck my boss. His producer B-Ware gave him a track to write to, leading to him recruiting fellow emcee Torry WordSSmith. With their divine connection, he renamed the song to “Da Weekend” (F**k My Boss) and this is what the world gets to enjoy everyday.

WordSSmith’s lethal lyricism mixed with Cee-Vo’s superb storytelling and raw creativity, makes this single a must listen. In the video, you will see the pair rapping and turning up while letting their boss know that her shenanigans will not stop them from having a good time.

Shot inside an auto body shop as Cee-Vo and WordSSmith imitate mechanics, you get a better understanding of how this song relates to the everyday person in America fed up with poor treatment from their bosses. With over 20 million views on social media, and over 20,000 streams on all major digital streaming platforms, Eddie Cee-Vo is shaking up the music industry one hit at a time.

Press play below to stream Eddie Cee-Vo and Torry WordSSmith’s new release “Da Weekend”.

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Paramount Pictures and Hollywood Confidential Celebrate Lupita Nyong’o at Exclusive ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ Film Event



Paramount Pictures in partnership with Hollywood Confidential hosted a captivating evening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, shining a spotlight on the illustrious career of Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and celebrating her latest triumph in the highly awaited film, “A Quiet Place: Day One.” Hollywood Confidential Founder, Steve Jones, led an intimate and illuminating one-on-one conversation with Nyong’o, diving deep into how she got her start in the industry, her acting career thus far, and her role as Sam, in the new thriller. This special event drew a large crowd of prominent industry professionals and influencers, including notable figures such as Amina Buddafly, content creator, Laron Hines, Karen Civil, Suekey Deniz, Inkmonstarr, Vic Brew and more.

During the hour-long conversation, Lupita opened up about her 2014 Oscar win. She recalled feeling dwarfed after the win and revealed the advice legendary actress, Emma Thompson, gave her about returning to theater after such a pivotal moment in her career. “Don’t listen to anybody, listen to your intuition – if you need to go back to the theater to hone your craft and believe in yourself, you do that. Because you are the only driver of your life. Carry on to charter your own path.”

When asked about the way Black Panther has shaped her life, the actress broke down into tears, stating, “I miss him.” Referencing the passing of her co-star, Chadwick Boseman.
She continued on by sharing how important it is for her to shift the paradigm around representation and what it means to be African. “It’s something I feel very deeply about. It’s my goal to be selective in the projects I work on and the characters I portray.”

N’yongo later disclosed that her experience shooting Black Panther and her speech at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood event inspired her to create her children’s book, Sulwe.

Later in the event, Paramount Pictures debuted two special clips from A Quiet Place Day One – allowing viewers to get a taste of Lupita’s #BlackGirlMagic in the upcoming film. “This film lends itself to a new cinematic experience. There’s something about this type of film that brings everyone closer, as you’re watching it. The sound design is so beautiful and is definitely something viewers will not know what to expect.”

“A Quiet Place: Day One” is an anticipated addition to the American cinematic landscape, representing the third installment in the “A Quiet Place” film series. This apocalyptic horror film, distinguished as both a prequel and a spin-off, is crafted under the direction of Michael Sarnoski, who also co-authored the narrative with John Krasinski. The film features an esteemed ensemble cast including Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, and Alex Wolff, with Djimon Hounsou returning to reprise his role from “A Quiet Place Part II” (2020).

A Quiet Place: Day One’ will debut exclusively in theaters, Dolby Cinema, and IMAX on June 28, 2024.

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