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TwoRStarr: Rising Hip-Hop Phenom Drops Explosive Summer Anthem “WTM (Where The Money)”



Heating Up the Summer Scene

As the summer hits its peak, a new anthem emerges from the vibrant and competitive world of hip-hop. TwoRStarr, the dynamic artist hailing from Philly’s south side, has just dropped her latest single, “WTM (Where The Money),” and it’s set to ignite dance floors and playlists across the nation. With this infectious track, TwoRStarr is poised to take her place as the next big female hip-hop star.

Bold and Unapologetic

“WTM” is a powerful declaration of financial independence and self-confidence. The track’s hypnotic chorus—“Where the money, Where the money, Laugh to the bank but ain’t shhh funny”—is both a mantra and a rallying cry for those who hustle relentlessly. TwoRStarr’s voice commands attention, ensuring that her message resonates long after the song ends.

Lyrics That Resonate

TwoRStarr’s lyrics in “WTM” speak directly to the aspirations and realities of her audience. With lines like “Big bank in my Louie, He love me like Lucy, Know he wanna squeeze my juicy,” she blends humor and luxury, showcasing her ability to weave relatable narratives with high-end flair. It’s this combination of authenticity and aspiration that makes her music so compelling.

An Anthem for the Ambitious

In “WTM,” TwoRStarr encapsulates the essence of the modern hustler. “Keep running, Run up the bag I’m bougie, I don’t like hearing excuses, All my racks look bluey” isn’t just a line—it’s a lifestyle. Her lyrics are anthems for those who strive for more, offering a blend of motivation and validation for anyone on their grind.

Fashion and Flare

TwoRStarr’s style is as bold as her lyrics. “Chanel on my feet and my waist, My face card never decline, I rock Gucci when I walk in the bank” paints a picture of a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Her fashion sense is an extension of her artistic persona, adding another layer to her multi-faceted appeal.

A Voice for the Determined

“Commas, they keep coming in period, I don’t wanna hear none bout being broke, that interrupt my spirit” captures the essence of TwoRStarr’s no-excuses attitude. She’s not just rapping about money—she’s rapping about a mindset, one that refuses to accept anything less than success. Her music is a guide for those who share her relentless drive.

Rapid Ascent

“WTM” is quickly gaining traction, marking TwoRStarr as a formidable force in the hip-hop industry. As the single spreads across airwaves and streaming platforms, it’s clear that she’s not just making music—she’s making an impact. Her rise is a testament to her talent, determination, and the undeniable appeal of her sound.

Embracing the Journey

TwoRStarr is not just an artist; she’s a phenomenon in the making. “WTM” is a taste of what she has to offer, and it’s a taste that’s leaving fans hungry for more. With her unique blend of lyrical prowess, undeniable charisma, and an unyielding work ethic, TwoRStarr is set to redefine the landscape of hip-hop.

The Soundtrack of the Season

As we dive deeper into summer, TwoRStarr’s “WTM” is the perfect soundtrack for sunny days and vibrant nights. Her music invites everyone to join her journey, celebrating the hustle, the grind, and the sweet taste of success. Keep your ears tuned and your speakers ready—TwoRStarr is here, and she’s here to stay.

Where’s the money? With TwoRStarr, it’s right in the music. Don’t miss out on the rise of a star who is destined to shine brighter with every beat.

Instagram: @TwoRStarr

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(Video) Star2 x FG Fame – “I Don’t Like You” @Star2Official



Ka-ren refugee pop artists Star2 and FG Fame release the new single and music video for “I Don’t Like You”. The Ka-ren are a minority ethnic group from Myanmar who have faced persecution and forced displacement. Star2 and Fame’s music brings their stories of exile and perseverance to a wider audience.

Since 2023, Star2 has been visiting the Thai refugee camp where he was born and working with other Ka-ren artists. “I Don’t Like You” from Star2 and Fame highlights the gossip and drama that often surfaces in the face of young, unrequited love. The song is about a determined girl who tries to insist she is the girlfriend of Fame and then later, Star2. She brags to her friends and spreads rumors about her imaginary relationships, but they both let her down gently while setting the record straight. The music video, filmed on location in vibrant Bangkok, Thailand, matches captivating strings and infectious beats of the song with lush, colorful backdrops. The result is an infectious, action-packed saga highlighting the talents of these Ka-ren artists who have come together to make music despite the hardships they have faced.

Star2 reveals, “Fame likes to sing romantic songs and so do I! “I Don’t Like You” is fun and light. We had a good time filming the video in Bangkok. Ka-ren artists are underrated. The world will soon see their talent.”

Star2 has received high acclaim from tastemaker media including Ones to Watch, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, GQ, BET, Lyrical Lemonade, and HotNewHipHop. He is executive producing an upcoming album which will feature FG Fame along with other Ka-ren artists from around the world set for release in 2025.

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(Video) MaDrique – Goin’ Thru Thangs (feat. Kyhrih) @MadriqueSanders



MaDrique drops the visual for “GOIN’ THRU THANGS” from his EP “KEEP THE FAITH” produced entirely by SWIM. GOIN’ THRU THANGS Video directed by King Murphy Media and features Kyhrih. Watch “GOIN’ THRU THANGS” and stream “KEEP THE FAITH” on all platforms.

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(Video) Kasim Allah – No Joke @kasallday



Kasim Allah, also known as ” The God MC ” is back with another visual. This one is for his single, “No Joke.” This fiery track is a standout from his new mixtape, FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY: Vol. 1, hosted by the legendary DJ Lazy K and packed with production from the renowned Iron Sheik, alongside guest producer Infinite Thought.

” No Joke ” is definitely gives the fans another vivid look into the storytelling that The God MC has in his lyrical arsenal.

After you check out the new visual, make sure to grab the mixtape FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY: Vol. 1 here.

Stay updated with the God MC on X via @Kasallday and on Instagram via @Kasimallah7.

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